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Southend 1,2,3

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Rochester • Syracuse
Albany • New York

Southend 1,2,3 (Albany Housing Authority)

South End Phase I

Phase I consisted of the rehabilitation of Morton Ave’s Eagle Court Apartments and the building of Broad and Clinton Streets’ Jared Holt Mews townhomes. Eagle Court Apartments provided 42 apartments. Jared Holt Mews created 10, single family homes.

South End Phase II

Phase II of the South End Revitalization Project, resulted in 43 additional housing units. Phase II is a mix of new construction and rehab work on scattered sites. There are nine lease-to-own units, three bedroom single family homes that have been constructed on Catherine, Clinton and Broad Streets and 34 one and two bedroom apartments that have been rehabbed or built along Morton Avenue. Phase II was completed in 2011.

South End Phase III

Phase 3 completed with fifty-six affordable housing units in eight buildings. To help meet the high demand of new families moving in and from the surrounding community, a 1,000 square foot commercial laundromat was built as a necessary neighborhood amenity.