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Livingston Apartments

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Rochester • Syracuse
Albany • New York

Livingston Apartments (Albany, NY)

The $20.7 million adaptive reuse project transformed a 230,000-square-foot vacant former school in Albany, NY, into a 103-unit, mixed-income, independent living community for seniors. Throughout the development process, Winn Companies took careful measures to preserve the historic integrity of the former Philip Livingston Magnet Academy, adding the structure to the National Register of Historic Places and utilizing original design elements such as the majestic clock tower and massive picture windows into the finished product.

For this project 111 people were hired. Of those 89.5% were from the immediate area. 28% of the hours performed on the job were by minorities and women and 35% of new hires met the criteria for Section 3 designation. In total 32.3% of the contracts awarded were to minority and women owned businesses.