Work Experience

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This is an internship with two hotels. This program is five weeks long and includes one week of soft skills training and four weeks of actual hands on training at the hotel.

Soft Skills Training
-Mock interviewing
-Resume/cover letter writing
-Workplace conflict
-Conflict resolution
-Job searching
-Employment law
-Employer expectations
-Goal setting
-Team building

Internship Training
-Cross-training in various departments
-Breakfast training
-Housekeeping training
-Banquet set-up training
-Laundry training
-Attention to detail
-Cleaning chemicals training
-Blood-born Pathogens

A W.E.P. Success Story

Felix Santiago began the Work Experience Program in May of 2016. He had been employed by numerous food and restaurant franchises in the past and had recently been laid off a seasonal job on the RPI campus. Because of the job being seasonal and temporary, he found himself unemployed once again and with little money to live on while he Continue Reading
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