Capital Region Impact Awards

The Capital Region Impact Awards are presented by The Stakeholder, Inc. This award honors businesses and community partners who come together to make the Capital District a better place to live and work. A partnership between Albany Housing Authority, Community Technology Initiative and Hampton Inn was honored for its Work Experience Program. The award is presented to a partnership that collaborates to achieve significant, measurable results impacting on the community.CTI, in partnership with AHA, created a work experience program that takes residents and works with them to create a work history and skills that are marketable. When a resident enters the program they spend time learning soft skills and creating a resume. They then move into the Hampton where they are interns and rotate through each department in the hotel for four weeks. During this time they get to experience what it is like to actually work in the hospitality industry as well as the basic skills involved in gaining and maintaining employment. Over the past seven years the Hampton has hired almost exclusively from the work experience program. The job coach that accompanies the residents onsite helps with the transition to the world of work. During the past seven years, over 50 people have been hired at the Hampton. Often it is a jumping off point to other careers and opportunities. It has served as a door to a more successful future. A partnership such as this has benefited both the Hampton and the residents who have been part of the program.

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